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Heart Healthy

  • Light, refreshing and low calorie, this tasty shrimp gazpacho can be made ahead to let the flavors meld. If you don’t have fresh tomatoes on hand, tomato juice will work as a substitute.

  • When you have a craving for egg salad, try an open-faced egg sandwich with just a touch of mayo. Packed with protein, this easy sandwich is perfect for breakfast, brunch or lunch.

  • This stick-to-your-ribs dinner is the perfect meal for a chilly night. The hearty meat sauce is made with healthy, lean turkey.

  • Chicken Parmesan is often pan-fried first, then baked. This baked Chicken Parmesan recipe cuts down on high-fat oil and keeps the chicken moist, too.

  • Here’s a great way to enjoy “fried rice” without frying and without the rice. This lower-carb option of rice stir-fry is a delicious carb-cutting alternative.

  • Forget the enormous store-bought muffin that’s loaded with fat and calories. Try this easy Baked Oatmeal for a healthy, on-the-go breakfast that will satisfy you without filling you up with unnecessar...

  • Marinate the pork loin the night before and you can have this satisfying Glazed Pork Roast ready in about an hour. While the roast is in the oven, sautĂ© some spinach for a quick, healthy side dish.

  • Keep your Valentine healthy with this easy Chocolate Almond Bark recipe. Studies have shown that small amounts of dark chocolate may lower blood pressure and the healthy fats in almonds may lower bad ...

  • Here’s a tasty pork stir-fry that’s a little sweet and a little spicy. If snow peas and carrots aren’t your thing, or aren’t in your refrigerator, substitute them with broccoli, bell peppers or whatev...

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